Advanced Techniques for Upgrading IBM i Security - Lloyd Ramdarie

Most IBM i organizations have good basic security in place. But how do you turn good IBM i security into great IBM i security?  

In this webinar, SEA’s Lloyd Ramdarie discusses advanced techniques to upgrade your IBM i security, audit & compliance systems, including:

  • Using MFA to significantly reduce unauthorized IBM i access 
  • Adding IBM i ransomware protection to go beyond IFS virus scanning
  • Detecting unusual & suspicious behavior/user profile changes
  • Validating exit point security changes using historical log data 
  • Monitoring, analyzing & reporting on sensitive IBM i field level changes
  • More techniques than we can describe here!

Join SEA as we discuss how to take advantage of these advanced IBM i security techniques and upgrade your IBM i security system, turning good i security into great i security.


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Open to view video.