Authority Collection in 7.3 & 7.4: Locking Down Security for Sensitive Data, Files and Objects - Thom Haze

This presentation will introduce a new capability in the 7.3 release called Authority Collection and also cover the exciting changes in the 7.4 release.  Authority collection is new support designed to assist the security administrator and application provider in locking down object level security.  This support will help ensure that object authority is set to the most secure value while still allowing an application to run successfully.  This presentation is a must see for security administrators and application developers.

Thom Haze

IBM i Operating System Security Development, IBM

Thom is the lead software developer for Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) and provides cryptography related enhancements to IBM i. He has been working on IBM i and earlier named platforms since 1989 on various projects such as Integrated Windows, Linux, and VMware Servers, Integrated File Server, IBM i Installation, and most recently on the IBM i Security team. Thom is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) focused on providing system availability,


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Open to view video.