Basic Licensing Part 1

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Learning Objectives - By the end of this video, participants should be able to:

1. Describe the basic concept and rules of IBM i licensing 
2. Identify the IBM i operating system releases currently supported and the upgrade paths to IBM i 7.5 
3. Describe IBM's software migration policies

Alison Butterill

WW IBM i Offering Manager

Alison Butterill is the offering manager for IBM i. She owns the responsibility for the IBM i business, including defining and guiding future directions and strategies. She works with the IBM i sales, marketing, and development teams as well as clients and partners to ensure that the IBM i operating system and associated products reflect their requirements. Alison has worked in the mid-range area for more than 30 years and has held a wide variety of positions at IBM, primarily with midrange servers and software. She speaks at a wide variety of events, including industry and technical conferences around the world.

Daniel Sundt

Technical Sales Specialist, IBM

Daniel helps customers architect optimal solutions on IBM Power Systems servers running the IBM i, AIX, and Linux operating systems, and has been supporting IBM i customers for over 25 years. He also specializes in working with ISV's or applications on IBM hardware/software


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