Case Study: Filing Tax to the Government - Andy Youens

Recorded On: 07/30/2020

The IBM i has taken great strides forward in recent years, modernizing the platform and allowing it to become a launchpad for a wide array of open source technologies.   

This customer story showcases how the IBM i and open source technology can be used to develop a modern application to interact direct with UK government systems without a complicated middleware requirement.  

Hear about the technologies we exploited including development, open source languages and modern application engineering techniques.

Andy Youens

IBM i Consultant/Instructor, FormaServe

Andy is an IBM i Consultant/Instructor at FormaServe, who has over 32 years IT experience working with IBM midrange servers.His specialities are IBM i, RPG, PHP, CL, Zend Server, Zend Frameworks, SQL and DB2.He is also an accomplished instructor and an article writer specialising in programming on the IBM i.Prior to his IT career, Andy is proud to have served 10 years in the Royal


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