Case Study: Keeping Food Supply Chains Moving with IoT and IBM - Shelly Cook, Brenda Boese, & Scott Andrews

Recorded On: 07/30/2020

K&J Trucking was started by Dave Koch in 1979 with the goal of becoming a top refrigerated carrier in the industry.  The company runs their entire business and trucking operations on IBM i and Power Systems S914. K&J utilizes IoT (Internet of Things) applications on IBM i to monitor and track their truck fleet and ensure cargo stays fresh and safe. Each trailer has a device and application from Orbcomm that monitors temperature of the cargo, reducing the costly risk of a shipment of fresh meat or produce going bad and having to be thrown away. If the cargo is getting too warm, the driver will be notified, and a correction can be made. This application is running on IBM i and Power Systems S914, and all trailer data is stored in their Db2 for i database.


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