Demystifying the challenges of Database Modernization - Birgitta Hauser

Database modernization is quite often considered a risky undertaking. Hundreds of programs may access and modify your data with native I/O and SQL. Dependencies between the tables or data is hidden within the program logic, and not directly visible. Most files are still DDS-described, so the enhancements that are available for SQL database objects cannot be used. Technologies that guarantee data consistency such as constraints or referential integrities are rarely used. Since data is the capital of most companies, modifying or even modernizing database objects is widely avoided. Consequently, databases grow over the years based on outdated technologies that require additional (and unnecessary) programming effort to keep the data consistent.

In this session Birgitta will discuss the challenges of database modernization. Covering key questions including : Which steps are necessary? What are the advantages and risks of modernizing the database? A Is it possible to redesign the database for an existing application?

Birgitta Hauser

Database and Software Architect - Fresche Solutions, Inc.

Birgitta is a database and software architect at Fresche Solutions.


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Open to view video.