DevOps A-Z — Andrew Clark

Recorded On: 02/14/2024

Learn how to use DevOps to make your Development, Testing and Deployment steps truly agile - all while reducing risk and realizing immediate and significant ROI; then actually walk through all of the steps necessary to implement a DevOps pipeline for your application. 

 1. Learn about DevOps

 2. Learn about the significant ROI benefits of DevOps 

 3. Understand the DevOps steps needed 

Andrew Clark

DevOps Manager

Arcad Software

Andrew Clark has been working on Enterprise platforms for more than 30 years, starting his career as an intern at IBM working on the secret "Mankato Project” with RS/6000, mainframe, and pre-release versions of OS/400; advancing from testing to a Team Leader on the QQ (Query) team, he continues to build broad expertise on cross-platform SQL. His major responsibilities have shifted from development in multiple languages (RPG, C++/C# and Java, among others) on 5250, Windows and mobile devices, to Software Management. Most of his time now is dedicated to DevOps projects, especially those centered on the Cloud.

Andrew lives just outside of Chicago, and tries to get out on his bike or make it to the Lake Michigan Dunes whenever he’s not learning new technology and the opportunity arises (weather accommodating!)


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