ERP, WMS and TMS on IBM i: Reduce Complexity, Increase Capacity and Save Money - Paul Gray & Charlie Hawkins

Recorded On: 07/30/2020

When departments are siloed, they miss opportunities to share information and improve efficiencies. The same is true of your software.  

In this session, learn how companies have increased capacity, generated double-digit growth, reduced time-to-customer, and saved significant shipping costs by integrating their ERP, WMS and TMS software on IBM i.   

You’ll also get brief overviews of these three software products that work alone or in combination on IBM i to help you Make, Move, and Ship products:  

Friedman Corporation’s Frontier ERP software: The best ERP for complex, make-to-order or assemble-to-order products, with real-time online ordering for customers and/or dealers, a powerful configurator, CAD integration, and more.   

Logimax WMS software:  Exceptionally robust, reliable and affordable warehouse management software that integrates with your other systems and shopping carts, with tools for kitting, yard management, cross-docking, and more.  

Varsity Logistics’ ShipSoft TMS software: Multi-Carrier shipping software for Parcel and LTL from within your existing IBMI i-based applications. Supports all advanced shipping processes such as optimization, ship at packing, rate shopping, pick-to-label, and more.

Charlie Hawkins

Director of Sales, Varsity Logistics

As the Director of Sales for Varsity Logistics, Charlie Hawkins holds a key sales leadership position connecting customers with comprehensive software specifically designed to suit their company’s needs.

Charlie joined Varsity in 2004 and has over 25 years of sales and senior management experience in the TMS& WMS industries. Prior to joining Varsity, Charlie was Vice President of Sales at Pfastship Logistics for over 9 years.

Through his deep-rooted background in the field, Charlie has developed a thorough understanding of the shipping and logistics industry and serves as a trusted resource for companies that are challenged with automating shipping and maximizing warehouse throughput. He holds a B.A.Sc. Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.


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