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When you buy a car, often its the accessaries that help make the car easier to driver, more fun, comfortable, in short it makes better.  Your IBM i is no different, there are all sort of 'Accessories' that have been added to the operating system. One of these best kept secrets is SYSTOOLS.  The database team continues to deliver some pretty interesting tools that can help you with gaining a better understanding of the system in some cases, better security practices, or just help you with general system management in faster and better ways. In this session Scott and Tim will play with a few of these newer SYSTOOLS showing you how they work and what they can do for you.

Scott Forstie

Db2 for i Business Architect

Scott Forstie is a Senior Technical Staff Member within IBM i development and spends most of his time working as the Db2 for i Business Architect. He has worked on IBM operating system development since joining IBM in 1989.

Scott is a frequently published author, speaker at industry events around the globe and can be found @Forstie_IBMi and forstie@us.ibm.com. Scott is an avid runner and enjoys cooking.

Tim Rowe

Business Architect Application Development & Systems Management for IBM i

Tim Rowe is the Business Architect for IBM i responsible for System Management and Application Development. He has a passion for modernization on IBM i and how we can continue to move IBM i into the world of 'Normal' . In his spare time he is a certified Soccer referee and enjoys refereeing games with his youngest son.


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