HA/DR and Continuous Availability for IBM i - Steve Finnes

Recorded On: 04/16/2020

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IBM Db2 Mirror for i is a new LPP (Licensed Program Product) available with IBM i 7.4. Db2 Mirror for i provides a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of zero by synchronously mirroring database updates between two separate nodes. Steve Finnes, IBM Power Systems HA Product Offering Manager, will give an update regarding our high availability and disaster recovery roadmap and brief you on the latest enhancements to Db2 Mirror and IBM SystemMirror PowerHA for i.

Steve Finnes

IBM Product Manager

Steve has spent several years in IBM with positions spanning basic research to product development, product offering and marketing. He is the product offering manager for IBM Power Systems with responsibility for PowerHA for AIX, PowerHA for IBM i and the CBU.


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