IBM i System Administration Bootcamp Session 4: IBM i Work Management - Rohit Sharma

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  • Starting/submitting jobs
  • User Profiles
  • Library Lists
  • Subsystems
  • Class of services
  • Routing programs
  • Workstation entries
  • Job queues
  • Workload capping
  • Performance
  • Spool files
  • OutQs
  • Memory pools
    • Machine pool
    • Base pool
    • Interactive pool
    • Spool pool
    • Shared
    • Private pools
  • Job Types
    • Batch jobs
    • Interactive Jobs
    • Batch immediate
    • Prestart vs Autostart
    • Writers
  • Ending jobs
    • End job vs end job abnormal

Rohit Sharma

Supervisor of IT Engineering – Operations, Penske Truck Leasing

Rohit Sharma is Supervisor of IT Engineering – Operations at Penske Truck Leasing. Rohit has 12+ years experience on IBM i technologies in banking, manufacturing, food, timeshare, transportation and oil & gas domains. He works in IBM i system engineering, server and database administration, production support and development activities.


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