IBM’s Power HA System Mirror, the Whole Truth - Matt Staddler & Pete Mayhew

Many Logical Replication vendors will say IBM’s Power HA is very expensive and difficult to implement.  This is simply not true.   This webinar will show some of the simple change management processes used to implement PowerHA.  It is a cost effective solution with low day to day management, perfect for the small to medium business.  Whether you are using internal disk or IBM SAN technology, PowerHA is the most affordable and easy to manage High Availability product on the market today.  If you are new to High Availability for your IBM I or just frustrated with your current solution, this webinar is a must to see.  Subject Matter Experts from IT Solutions Group will show the ease of role swaps and fail over in a live Demo. 

Matt Staddler

Matt Staddler began his career as an IBM AS/400 services support representative working on AS/400, iSeries, and Power Systems. In 2000, he founded IT Solutions Group, an IBM business partner specializing in IBM i hardware services, to support midrange clients. Matt is passionate about high availability and disaster recovery on IBM Power Systems and is a COMMON Subject Matter Expert on HA for IBM i.

Pete Mayhew

Pete Mayhew is an IBM i Technical Services Consultant, working for IT Solutions Group, an IBM Business Partner. He has worked with midrange systems for almost 40 years, beginning as an IBM hardware service representative on the 3x systems, AS/400 CISC, and early RISC iSeries models. Leaving IBM after 23 years, Peter has maintained his skills on the IBM i, specializing in hardware and operating system installations, upgrades and migrations, and HA planning and implementation, supporting clients throughout the U.S.  

Pete is the only non-IBM’er to assist in rewriting the Red Books for Power HA. His experience makes him one of the most respected Architects for PowerHA.


Open to view video.
Open to view video.