Improve Productivity and Reduce the Skills Gap with Open Source on IBM i — Jesse Gorzinski

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For many IBM i companies, using open source is becoming a standard way of developing new applications. New open source capabilities are being added to the platform all the time with help from the community. In this session, Jesse Gorzinski, Business Architect for Open Source on IBM i, details the latest open source packages and technologies available for IBM i, including Ansible, and how they can take your business applications and developer productivity to the next level, as well as to help attract new developers and talent to the platform.       

Jesse Gorzinski

Senior Business Architect - Open Source Software on IBM i

Jesse Gorzinski works for the IBM i development lab in Rochester, MN. He is the Business Architect of open source technologies. Jesse, who was doing RPG programming at the age of 18, is an expert on application development on IBM i, as well as system access and modernization. His hobbies include playing with his dog, replacing complex applications with 5-line Python programs, and advocating for the use of new technologies on IBM i!Prior to his 2006 employment at IBM, Jesse worked with the AS/400 as an I/T administrator for an IBM customer in the finance/mortgage industry, where he specialized in data backup/recovery, process optimization, and information integrity. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science as well as a Master of Business Administration degree


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