iNSIGHT Panel: How to Use SQL to Manage Your System

Understanding your system has been the continual struggle of the administrator for years. Lots of CL programs, system APIs, and other tools to try and gain understanding. Times are changing!! With the strategic direction changing and many new IBM i services being delivered, the administrator has a new option in their tool belt. SQL. Yep, it’s not just for doing database stuff.

Join this live panel to ask questions, hear discussion, and learn how you can go from SQL-challenged to an Admin Super Hero!

  • Featuring panelists:
    • Scott Forstie, IBM
    • Tim Rowe, IBM
    • Steve Pitcher, iTech Solutions Group
    • Steve Bradshaw, Rowton IT Solutions Ltd
    • Dawn May, Dawn May Consulting (Moderator)

iNSIGHT Internet of Things (IoT) Panel

  • Aaron Magid, Erdani
  • Justin Reock, OpenLogic by Perforce
  • Michael Dawson, IBM
  • Jesse Gorzinski, IBM
  • Mike Pavlak (Moderator)


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Open to listen to or download MP3 audio.