Integrated File System Security Principles and Practices

Are you confused about IBM i Integrated File System security? You're not alone! Come to this session and learn the principles and best practices of securing your file systems. This session will cover more than just setting permissions (authority) on your objects. Other topics include virus scanning, controlling remote access, object audit, and more.

Learning Objectives:
- Understand the semantics of integrated file system security
- Learn other methods of securing beyond permissions including virus scanning, and more
- Learn ways to manage and improve integrated file system security

Margaret Fenlon

Software Engineer, IBM

Margaret started working for IBM in 1983 on the S/36. From 1986-1994 she worked in various areas of what is now the IBM i including Authorization Management support of POSIX and the integrated file system. She worked on the port of SAP R/3 from 1994-1997. In 1998 Margaret joined the integrated file system team. As a member of the integrated file system team she has worked on the file server, QFileSvr.400 file system and the utilities to convert to the new directory format. Margaret is currently the team leader for the integrated file system and servers team.


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