Latest Technology Refresh News on IBM i

Latest Technology Refresh News on IBM i

Watch this replay to learn about the latest advancements in the IBM Power platform.  Learn how IBM can help your business thrive in a world where speed and efficiency matter most; adopt technologies that enable you to process data closer to where it is generated; and reduce latency and improving real-time processing capabilities. 

We cover advanced Power security capabilities and the ability to modernize your apps and systems with AI and IoT technologies.

Douglas Gibbs

IBM i Product Manager, Program Director


Douglas Gibbs is the offering manager for IBM Power Systems I/O and works closely with the overall Offering Management, Sales and Development teams regarding all manners of I/O. Douglas has worked in the IT Industry for more than 25 years and has been in a variety of positions at IBM, primarily working with IBM servers and software.

Daniel Sundt

Technical Sales Specialist, IBM

Daniel helps customers architect optimal solutions on IBM Power Systems servers running the IBM i, AIX, and Linux operating systems, and has been supporting IBM i customers for over 25 years. He also specializes in working with ISV's or applications on IBM hardware/software


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