Modernize Business Intelligence in 2022 - Greg Schmidt

Remove Query/400 and start the modernization process for your BI application  

As you plan your strategic, operational, and tactical objectives for 2022, you need to start looking at replacing outdated technology like Query/400 and your other manual and labor-intensive efforts to get data to business users.  During this webinar, our experts will talk about some of the trends we are seeing and demonstrate how the modern interfaces and advanced functionality in Sequel software can easily replace and enhance your current process for accessing data. You’ll also learn how to:  

  • Import your existing queries in seconds
  • Quit writing expensive code or using Query/400 queries to access valuable business data
  • Build dashboards to compile and track KPIs
  • Deploy insightful, actionable dashboards through a browser
  • Quickly export your data to Excel
  • And use scripts to automate repeatable IT or User based tasks  

Sequel makes it possible for your IT team to deliver the valuable data and insight that users have been asking for without taking focus away from your other crucial functions. If modernization is on your IT to-do list for 2022, it’s time to dump Query/400 and convert those old queries into SQL with Sequel.

Greg Schmidt

Senior Technical Solutions Consultant


Greg Schmidt is a 20+ year veteran in data, document, forms, and process automation. Specializing in document automation and business intelligence, Greg has helped hundreds of companies automate their data and document processes and streamline their cumbersome business processes through strategic technologies and planning. Providing best-practice guidance forimplementation and solution expansion within a company are his top priorities.

Greg also has over a decade's worth of experience in IBM i report and data distribution and robotic process automation technology.


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