N2i: Getting Started with a Career on IBM i

Part of N2i's Getting Started series, this session is on Getting Started with a Career on IBM i

Simon Hutchinson


Simon’s experience with IBM midrange started in the United Kingdom, in a pre-AS/400 world. Since immigrating to the USA he has worked mostly in the western half of the country, and is currently IT manager responsible for the Power servers and IBM i for a large bank in Central Texas. 
Simon has been writing his acclaimed IBM i blog, RPGPGM.COM, for almost ten years sharing his knowledge, experience, and giving many detailed examples of the latest RPG, SQL, and CL. He was recognized by IBM as an IBM Champion for Power (2021,2022), and as an IBM i Community Advocate. 
Since its founding, in 2020, Simon has been the president of the Central Texas IBM i User Group, CTXiUG.

Steven Wolk

CTO, PC Richard & Son

Steven Wolk is the CTO for PC Richard & Son, a 110 year old family owned and operated chain of 66 appliance, electronics, and mattress superstores located throughout NY, NJ, CT, and PA. Steve's deep background in retail began on the sales floor while in college, and he's applied those lessons learned to many roles in IT throughout his 33 year career with PC Richard. As CTO, Steve feels fortunate to lead teams of very talented and dedicated people who are collectively responsible for all phases of technology development, acquisition, deployment, and support throughout the company. Always looking to the future, Steve enjoys speaking about the future of retail at conferences and events, along with subjects ranging from leadership and personal success to a wide variety of technical topics. Steve is passionate about applying technology to create business value, along with a world-class customer experience for PC Richard's customers. He's driven to teach and finds it very rewarding to help his teams reach their full potential. Steve and his wife live in Commack, NY, and enjoy traveling as a family with their two daughters who are attending college. If you’d like to strike up a conversation with Steve, mention anything related to Disney or Star Trek, and you’ll have his undivided attention!


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