Payments Roundtable - Everything You Need to Know — Alan O'Guin et al.

Are you looking to delve deeper into IBM i Payment Processing? Join us for an informative session where our expert panelists will share their insights and experiences in this critical domain. Discover the latest trends, best practices, and gain valuable knowledge to streamline your payment processing operations.

Alan O'Guin


Alan O'Guin has 25 years of experience working with (and on!) the IBM i platform - both as a solutions provider and as an end user. In his 10+ years with Curbstone, he has led a variety of efforts related to development, project management, and quality assurance. He now leads the development of the Curbstone SaaS platform and serves as a subject matter expert for all things IPT, IVR, and PLP. He has shepherded the Curbstone platform through multiple certifications, new feature rollouts, and compliance mandates and continues to ensure that customers have access to the most robust, secure credit card processing solutions. Alan is also PCI-Certified as a Qualified Integrator/Reseller (QIR).


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