Programming Languages

In the 6th installment of the iBegin series, Simon Hutchinson and Jasmine Kaczmarek will be going through information on the programming languages used on IBM i.

Simon Hutchinson


Simon’s experience with IBM midrange started in the United Kingdom, in a pre-AS/400 world. Since immigrating to the USA he has worked mostly in the western half of the country, and is currently IT manager responsible for the Power servers and IBM i for a large bank in Central Texas. 
Simon has been writing his acclaimed IBM i blog, RPGPGM.COM, for almost ten years sharing his knowledge, experience, and giving many detailed examples of the latest RPG, SQL, and CL. He was recognized by IBM as an IBM Champion for Power (2021,2022), and as an IBM i Community Advocate. 
Since its founding, in 2020, Simon has been the president of the Central Texas IBM i User Group, CTXiUG.

Jasmine Kaczmarek

VP of Technology

M.R. Williams

With over ten years of experience on the IBM Power System, Jasmine's passions include modernization, API development, integration of gamification techniques into business applications and mentoring new developers. Jasmine is an avid promoter of adopting open-source languages into traditional RPG-only businesses to aid in the development of modern user experiences. She also has a keen interest in hobby development projects using Unity and improving outdated small business websites. Jasmine is a member of the N2i Committee and the COMMON America Advisory Council (CAAC)


Open to view video.
Open to view video.