RPG Bootcamp Session 9: Programming with Subfiles - Max Valdman

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  • Subfile Record Format
  • Define and Use the SFL Keyword
  • Subfile Control Record Format
  • Define and Use the SFLCTL Keyword
  • Define and Use the SFLDSP, SFLDSPCTL Keywords
  • Define and Use the SFLPAG, SFLSIZ Keywords
  • Define Footer Record Format
  • Define and Use the OVERLAY Keyword
  • Load a Subfile
  • Load an Entire Subfile
  • Load a Subfile a Page at a Time
  • Expanding Subfile
  • Reloading a Subfile after Delete or Sort
  • Getting Input from Subfiles
  • Define and Use the READC Statement
  • Define and Use the Chain Op Code
  • Exercise: Create Order Entry Application (CSCSTP, CSINVP, CSORDP, CSORDPRP)

Max Valdman

IT Manager, The Hammock Source

Max Valdman is an IT professional with an MBA and BS in Mechanical Engineering and over 20 years of IT experience, primarily in the Consumer Goods industry. He is currently an IT Manager for the world’s largest hammock manufacturer, The Hammock Source. Max is an active member of the Mid-Atlantic Group of IBM i Collaborators – MAGiC and serves on the Advisory Committee of HarrisData, an enterprise software application company. Max and his family are enjoying the climates of Eastern North Carolina and Greenville, home of the ECU pirates.


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