SELECT Statement Basics — Vern Hamberg

  • SELECT Statement – Structure
  • ACS Run SQL Scripts – Introduction / Basics
    • SQL Naming versus System Naming in Brief
  • Running Basic SQL Statements (SELECT * FROM)
  • Generating new Columns
  • Numeric: Basic Mathematical Operations +-*/  Quantity*Price  
  • Character: CONCAT FirstName concat ‘ ‘ concat LastName
  • Where Conditions
    • Selecting numeric, character and/or Date/Time Values
    • Logical Operators (AND /  OR / NOT)
    • Comparison Operators
    • Using Parenthesis
  • Predicates (IN /  BETWEEN / LIKE)
  • Order By
  • Save results

Vern Hamberg

Senior IT Developer, Ecolab

Vern has worked on IBM midrange systems for over 30 years, beginning with the System/38 and AS/400. At present he is a Senior Software Engineer for the Pest Elimination division at Ecolab. He also serves on the COMMON Americas Advisory Council (CAAC) and SET and is one of the SMEs for Db2.  He is degreed in both music and mathematics, which gives him a distinct approach to the art and science of programming. In his spare time he has participated in various musical pursuits, such as playing trumpet in a community band, singing in a pretty-good a capella choral group, working with local musical theater productions, and most recently playing keyboard in the Zuhrah Shrine Flames big band and accordion in a weekly jazz workshop - quite a stretch!


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