Seven Advanced Techniques for IBM i Monitoring - Lloyd Ramdarie

There’s more to IBM i monitoring than just sending alerts when an issue occurs.  

Many IBM i message & resource monitoring packages contain advanced features to avoid messaging risk, interface with non-IBM software such as ticketing systems, track and respond to critical conditions across your entire IBM i environment, and more.  

Watch this session for an in-depth look at using these seven techniques for enabling advanced IBM i monitoring capabilities, using SEA’s absMessage software.


  • Avoiding the risk of leaving certain messages to manual monitoring
  • Creating a plan around monitoring critical Message IDs, including alerting escalations and reactivity
  • Integrating IBM i issues with ticketing systems such as ServiceNow, for issue tracking and audit reporting.
  • Investigating historical performance data and trends from an interactive dashboard
  • Using a single Dashboard to track critical IBM i conditions across your entire environment
  • Considerations for automating monitoring & reactions across the enterprise
  • Other basic and advanced areas to consider when implementing an IBM i Message & Resource Monitoring Solution

Lloyd Ramdarie

IBM i Technical Support Team Member, Software Engineering of America

Lloyd Ramdarie is an IBM i Technical Support team member at Software Engineering of America. His background includes working in IBM i space for quite a number years with a large extent of his experience coming from heavy involvement with securing the IBM i. He is a seasoned IT professional who can utilize his vast experiences and expertise to help you implement the very best end to end security solutions in the IBM i environment.


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