Simplifying IBM i Systems Management - Tim Rowe

Recorded On: 04/24/2020

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With cloud and so many new technologies, systems management can seem to be getting more and more complex for administrators. The IBM i team is making systems management simpler with enhancements such as new features and functions for IBM i Access Client Solutions. Tim Rowe, Business Architect of Application Development for IBM i, will update you on the latest enhancements and tools for simplifying the management of your IBM i environment.


Tim Rowe

Business Architect Application Development & Systems Management for IBM i

Tim Rowe is the Business Architect for IBM i responsible for System Management and Application Development. He has a passion for modernization on IBM i and how we can continue to move IBM i into the world of 'Normal' . In his spare time he is a certified Soccer referee and enjoys refereeing games with his youngest son.


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