Spreadsheet Automation on IBM i with SQL & ACS

Recorded On: 08/10/2020

Spreadsheets, its something so many of us rely on them every day for reviewing and understanding our business. The question is, how do you create those Spreadsheets ?  Using some simple building blocks, you can automate the extraction of data and the building of a spreadsheet on your IBM i (yes... your IBM i) with out adding ANY additional software. Its all on your system already!   In this session we will show you a progression of using SQL to build a data set (either from Db2, or IBM i Service) using ACS to build a spreadsheet, show how to automate that process so its happens every day at a set time, and lastly email that spreadsheet to a list of users.   This can all be done on your IBM i today! 

Tim Rowe

Business Architect Application Development & Systems Management for IBM i

Tim Rowe is the Business Architect for IBM i responsible for System Management and Application Development. He has a passion for modernization on IBM i and how we can continue to move IBM i into the world of 'Normal' . In his spare time he is a certified Soccer referee and enjoys refereeing games with his youngest son.

Scott Forstie

Db2 for i Business Architect

Scott Forstie is a Senior Technical Staff Member within IBM i development and spends most of his time working as the Db2 for i Business Architect. He has worked on IBM operating system development since joining IBM in 1989.

Scott is a frequently published author, speaker at industry events around the globe and can be found @Forstie_IBMi and forstie@us.ibm.com. Scott is an avid runner and enjoys cooking.


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