SQL Basics - Sue Romano

SQL is the standard for defining, manipulating, and accessing your data on IBM i and on most other systems. What's the best way to get started with SQL without feeling overwhelmed? Why, join us for this session, of course! Even if you already use SQL, you're sure to learn techniques that will make you more productive. What's included? 

- Query constructs including scalar functions, grouping, joins, and common table expressions. 

- How to write procedures, functions, and triggers using SQL PL, the programming language of SQL 

- Accessing data on remote systems 

- And a lot more!

Sue Romano


Sue Romano is a technical leader on the Db2 for i development team and has worked on the SQL parser for almost 30 years. She is involved in designing and implementing SQL enhancements and defines new SQL services. Sue represents Db2 for i on IBM’s SQL Language Council, which ensures consistent SQL implementation across the Db2 family.


Open to view video.
Open to view video.