Stop Over-Crunching Data: Use Powerful SQL Capabilities to Eliminate Use or Work Files and QTEMP - Rob Bestgen

There are many times where intermediate steps are required to get data into a shape for usage by some other application or consumption by an end user. Creating summary files to address rolling up data into date “buckets.” Un-tangling data to get it into formats that can be consumable by reporting tools. Even “chained” queries where you need to run a query to generate a temp file, then run another one to get to your end goal creates a process that is overly crunching data due to limitations in the tool. Building one-off extracts can be time consuming and can create issues with productivity, performance, and security of data. Overly using QTEmp in an SQL data access world can also be problematic. In this session, we’ll cover tips and techniques of avoiding over crunching of data to meet data preparation or untangling requirements using the power of SQL (Common table expressions, Cross Lateral Join, OLAP Functions, and ETL) to avoid over crunching!

Rob Bestgen

Business Architect for IBM i, IBM

Rob Bestgen is a Business Architect for IBM i, responsible for development strategy for systems management and external interfaces. He is also chief architect of the DB2 SQL Query Engine for DB2 i. Rob is also a member of the DB2 for i Center of Excellence team in lab services and does consulting and education in that role.


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