The Latest with IBM i and Power

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The IBM i team has been hard at work enhancing the platform for our clients and users. New levels of security and development features streamline modernization efforts and help to keep business-critical data and applications more secure than ever before. Database and system administration enhancements make life easier for IT teams. In this webcast, Steve Sibley, IBM Power Vice President of Product Management, and Steve Will, IBM i Chief Architect, detail the latest with IBM i and Power and what the newest capabilities mean for your business.

Steven Will

Chief Architect - IBM i, IBM

Steve has worked on the IBM i operating system and its predecessors since the initial development of the AS/400. Since 2007, he has been the IBM i Chief Architect, responsible for the strategy of the operating system and the plan for future releases.

Steve Sibley

VP, IBM Power Systems Offering Management

Steve Sibley is the vice president of IBM Power Systems Offering Management.


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