Updates to the IBM Power Server Family

Updates to the IBM Power Server Family

In this session, Daniel Goldener walks you through the new S1012 System. This includes how the IBM team came up with the S1012 design, more details on how the system is built, use cases on the S1012 system, and pictured examples of the system.

Daniel Goldener

Product Manager, Power Systems


I embarked on a dynamic career journey leading me to IBM, where I've dedicated over two decades to diverse roles. Beginning as an intern in 2004, I've navigated through Sales Operations, IT Strategy Consulting, and leadership in Systems Technical Sales, making significant contributions to various business units, including IBM Services and IBM Software Group. After leading the Lenovo Systems portfolio in Brazil after IBM's x86 spin-off, I returned to IBM in 2018 with leadership roles in IBM Systems for Latin America. Since 2020, I've been at the forefront of the worldwide business for IBM Power Systems. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I’ve co-founded two start-ups, proficient in three languages, with academic credentials including an MBA in Marketing, a graduate degree in Software Engineering, and a BSc in Business. Outside of work, I am happily married and a proud father of two boys. Having lived in 4 different cities and 12 different homes, I'm an enthusiast for traveling, swimming, and outdoor activities.


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