What you Need to Know about AI and Cognitive Systems - Pascal Polverini

We already entered the 4th industrial revolution and as say IBM CEO Ginni Rometty "If its Digital it will become Cognitive". In this session, you will see what makes AI possible, what is the difference with classical programming approach and what are the key ingredients to add value in your Cognitive approach. From Machine or Deep learning, Neural Network, BigData or IoT, CPU or GPU, Watson or other, you will have a global picture.

Learning Objectives:
- Difference between AI and classical programming approach
- Watson API example
- Differentiators keys input for AI

Pascal Polverini

Solutions Architect at Fresche Solutions

Pascal Polverini has a strong experience in end-to-end software architectures, with expertise on DB, programming languages, communication protocols and GUI.

Co-author of the IBM i Modernization Redbook, he is an expert in cross technologies.

Active member of the IBM i ISV Advisory Council since 2005, he is also an individual associate of the OpenPOWER foundation since 2014, senior speaker on IT events (in english, french and italian) and occasionally writer on IBM Systems Magazine and others.

Pascal is deeply involved in solutions to merge or cross different technologies and innovations, involving as well AI technologies, focusing on their fundamental key principles with a particular attention to the added values in a business approach to the client need and market extensions.


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Open to view video. This video was recorded live at a COMMON conference