Working with Unicode data in RPG using the new CHARCOUNT NATURAL support — Barbara Morris

This session will discuss the Unicode character set in general, and then focus on how Unicode data is processed in RPG, with special attention to the new CHARCOUNT NATURAL support.

1. Understand some of the issues associated with Unicode data 
2. Understand how to use RPG's CHARCOUNT NATURAL support, which is especially important when working with UTF-8 data

Barbara Morris

Lead Developer for the RPG Compilers, IBM


Barbara Morris is the lead developer for the RPG compilers in the IBM Toronto Lab. She has been working on the RPG compilers since she started at IBM in 1989 after receiving a Computing Science degree from the University of Alberta. The first enhancement she developed was the ENDIF/ENDDO opcodes for RPG/400 in V2R1. Some of her most recent enhancements were the ON-EXIT and DATA-INTO opcodes and varying-dimension arrays. A few of the other notable enhancements that she developed for RPG include subprocedures, qualified data structures, call-interaction with Java, Open Access: RPG Edition, and fully-free-form RPG.


Open to view video.
Open to view video.