IBM i Security Bootcamp Session 5: Object Security Basics - Amy Williams

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Amy Williams


Amy Williams is a Senior Security Services Consultant who joined HelpSystems in 2015. She holds CISSP, CISA, and PCI-P certifications. Amy has worked on the IBM i platform since 1994 and her experience includes application testing, system installation, system administration, and architecture. She has worked in the warehousing distribution, travel, and gaming industries.

Amyhasperformedsuccessfulroleswapsandcompletedasuccessfulobjectlevelremediationof5 disparate applications on the same IBM i LPAR. She has been responsible for consolidating over 60 LPARs to less than 30 while keeping the business moving forward. She has implemented exit point security when working towards a PCI ROCfiling.

Since joining HelpSystems, Amy has worked with clients on system migrations and ensuring their application architecture was maintained. She has remediated all of the special authorities from users accommodating specific operational and security needs. Amy has implemented Authority Broker for a multi-system implementation, and has completed three specific remediations to remove *ALLOBJ authority.

Amy served in the Air National Guard for 10 years in the communications flight (IT).


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