RPG Bootcamp Session 4: Using Declarations and Data Structures for File I/O - Kody Robinson

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  • Declare and Use Constants
  • Declare and Use Literals (brief)
  • Declare and Use Standalone Variables
  • Declare and Use the LIKE Keyword
  • Declare and Use Data Structures
  • Declaring the Data Structure Header
  • Declare and Use Data Structure Subfields
  • Declare and Use Overlapping Subfields
  • Declare and Use Externally Described Data Structures
  • Declare and Use Qualified Data Structures
  • Declare and Use LIKE and LIKEDS
  • Declare and Use Arrays
  • SortA
  • %XFOOT
  • Mention Other Types (Compile Time and Prerun Time) of Arrays and Tables to be Found in the Documentation
  • Data Structure Arrays
  • Assign Initial Values to Variables
  • Initialize Data Structures and fields
  • Exercise: Split Phone Number Area Code from Exchange, Look Up the Full State Name from the Two Character Code Using an Array (CSCSTP)
  • Introduction to Data Structures as a Mechanism for Passing Info to and from File
  • LIKEREC Keyword, *input, *output
  • Using Data Structures with Database
  • Using Data Structures with Display Files
  • INDDS Keyword
  • Exercise: Redo CRUD Application with Data Structures for File I/O (CSCSTP)

Kody Robinson

Business and Financial Systems Developer, AECC

Kody Robinson is a Business and Financial Systems Developer for AECC, headquartered in Little Rock, AR. He started his IBM i journey right out of undergrad at the age of 21. Kody develops and modernizes old and new applications for internal clients using languages ranging from RPG free-format to PHP. Along with his day job, Kody also travels and advocates for IBM and COMMON in regards to companies modernizing and hiring young developers in the work force. IBM has also named him an IBM Champion for Power. In between that, helping with nonprofits and finishing up his masters in Information Science, he also does Economic Development for Central Arkan


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