RPG Bootcamp Session 5: Controlling Program Workflow - Subroutines and Subprocedures - Jim Buck

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  • Using Relational Comparisons – >, =>, =, <=, <, <>
  • Define and Use Sequence
  • Define and Use Selection
  • Declare and Use IF, ELSE, ELSEIF
  • Declare and Use SELECT, WHEN, OTHER
  • Define and Use Control Break Logic (not using the cycle)
  • Declare and Use Iteration
    • Declare and Use DOW Operation
    • Declare and Use DOU Operation
    • Declare and Use FOR Operation
  • Loops and Early Exits
    • Declare and Use ITER Operation
    • Use the LEAVE Operation
  • Declare and Use Subroutines
    • Use the BEGSR, ENDSR Operation
    • Use the EXSR Operation
    • Use the LEAVESR Operation
  • Declare and Use Subprocedures
    • Declaring local variables
    • Parameters
    • Return Values
    • Passing Parameters by Value
  • Calling Programs
    • Parameters
    • Prototypes
    • Calling the Prototype
  • Exercise: CRUD Application in Different Routines, Pass the Data Structures as Paramaters (CSCSTP)
  • Exercise: Report That Does Control Breaks (CSCTP) Total Balance Due by State

Jim Buck

imPower Technologies

Jim Buck’s career in IT has spanned more than 35 years, primarily in college education, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. Past president (13 years) of the Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Association (www.wmcpa.org) and has served on several teams developing IBM and COMMON certification tests. Jim has co-authored several IBM i books with Bryan Meyers that are used by many companies and in colleges worldwide, "Programming in ILE RPG" 5th Edition being the latest in 2015.Other accomplishments include; recipient of the 2007 IBM System i Innovation – Education Excellence Award, 2014 COMMON Presidents Award and named 2013/2016/2017 IBM Champion - Power Systems.Jim is the president and founder of imPower Technologies where he provides professional IBM I training and consulting services (www.imPowerTechnologies.com) . He is active in the IBM i community working to help companies train their employees in the latest IBM technologies and helps companies develop the next generation of IBM i professionals.


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