RPG Bootcamp Session 6: ILE Concepts - Scott Klement

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  • Exporting Subprocedures
  • Define Binding
  • Cycle Main vs No Main vs Linear Main Procedures (breezy)
  • Modules
  • Use the /COPY, /INCLUDE Statements
  • Compile and Bind Modular Programs
  • Exercise: Redo CRUD Program Using Modules, Read, Write/Update, and State Lookup into Separate Modules (CSCSTP)
  • Describe Single Entry Point Programs
  • Describe Multiple Entry Point Service Programs
  • Use Binding Directories
  • Compile and Bind Service Programs
  • Describe and Use Binder Language
  • Describe and Use Service Program Signatures
  • Use the CRTSRVPGM command
  • Deploy Service Programs in an Application
  • File I/O and Subprocedures
  • Use the DSPPGM and DSPSRVPGM Commands (breezy)
  • Activation Groups
    • Describe and Use the Default Activation Group
    • Describe and Use a Named ILE Activation Group
    • Describe and the Caller’s Activation Group
    • Describe and Use Activation Groups and File Overrides
    • Describe and Use Activation Groups and File Opens
  • Exercise: Redo CRUD Program Using Service Programs (CSCSTP)

Scott Klement

Director, Product Development and Support

Scott Klement is the Director of Product Development and Support at Profound Logic Software, and is well known as both an author and speaker in the IBM i community. Scott is a passionate advocate for RPG on the IBM i platform, and enjoys teaching tips and techniques to other developers. His efforts to help programmers have earned him many accolades and awards. In 2012, IBM named Scott an IBM Champion for Power Systems. In 2018, Scott was elected to COMMON's Board of Directors.


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